Treat the Trim First

Do you know that black plastic trim needs different maintenance and care compared to the rest of your car’s body work? In order to keep your plastic trim look at its best, experts highly recommended to treat it using a black restoring product prior to polishing and waxing the surrounding metal work. The reason is that black restoring products are designed to not only help in restoring the plastic work’s color, but also to protect it from any chemicals, grime, and abrasion. Polishes and waxes can actually put stain on the plastic and that is the reason why it’s a very good idea that you have this particular area treated first before anywhere else.

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Apply Wax Using a Power Buffer

Using a power buffer is definitely a good way to achieve more professional results. However, it is very important to learn how you should use it in a proper manner. Usually, car owners make the wrong move by removing polish and wax using a buffer. However, the truth is that it can only lead to a more uneven finish as well as swirls in your clear coating.

So, instead of using a power buffer in removing a polish or a wax, the truth is that it is best used in applying wax before removing using a dry and soft cloth. Through having the buffer pad covered in wax, you can be able to prevent the machine from eventually burning its paint layer which can possibly end up with an evenly distributed or thin coat of wax.

Always Check the Surface Using a Plastic Bag

Prior to sealing the paintwork of your car using your preferred wax, you have to check the surface regularly in order to ensure that all abrasion and dirt in that particular area have been completely removed. However, there’s a big possibility that when you do this, you constantly get annoying fingerprints over the freshly polished and washed bodywork of your car.

One of the easiest ways in order to feel these areas and find for any abrasion or dirt according to experts such as auto detailing Frisco is to simply cover your hand with a plastic carrier bag and then run it over your car’s surface. This will surely let you feel if there are any bits of dirt and bumps without any risk of leaving greasy fingerprints on your car’s paintwork.

Mind the Type of Cloth You’re Using

Conventionally, sponges have been the most popular tool used for washing cars. But nowadays, most people don’t use it anymore. Today, it is all about microfiber soft cloths that makes it much easier to wash, dry, and rinse the paintwork of your car without having any risk of scrubbing or scratching the surface. Microfiber cloths actually offer much lower fiction as well as greater efficiency in order to have effective and fast rinsing and washing. Just remember that you have to keep your dry and wash cloths separate. You also have to make sure that you remove all the tags or labels from the washcloth in order to prevent it’s from scratching the car’s surface.