Automobile accidents is nothing short of traumatic. A few would say that it is exciting in the sense that psychologically it will disturb you enough to put in adrenaline but leave you shaken enough that you wouldn’t want to go through that again. A chiropractic Albany OR is something anyone doesn’t want to experience, no matter what kind or where, an accident can shake you up.  

Car Accident

Here are some possible injuries that could happen to anyone in an automobile accident. It is important that you see a health care professional when you get into an accident no matter how minor because some injuries won’t make themselves known until years later.  

Traumatic Brain Injuries  

There are some brain injuries that won’t show themselves until later. That is why it is important that you make an effort to have yourself check after an accident even if you don’t think that you have any injuries besides the minor cuts and bruises. There are some traumatic brain injury that would be very obvious and there would be some that wouldn’t.  

Some brain injuries would manifest in being forgetful, being impatient and irate if the person is not like that before and was once in an accident that may be a red flag that should be taken into consideration.  

Shoulder Injuries 

Shoulder injuries happen in a automobile accident by being forcefully twisted from the impact or some strain. It would be better that you see a doctor immediately and overtime most especially if you feel a twinge of something in your shoulder as the pain can become chronic and sometimes would require serious surgery to correct.  

Psychological Injuries  

This trauma happens through the experience of the automobile accident. Some people would seem to come out of an ordeal like that unscathed physically but psychologically and emotionally would suffer from some kind of trauma. There might be some paranoia or  extreme fear that resulted from that experience.  

Knee Injuries  

It is pretty important to have your knees checked if you bump it pretty hard during the collision, there could be damages in the knee cap or the ligaments could be strained or torn. This would result in the impediment of walking or running and other leg exercises. So, to be able to watch out for things it may be good that you should have everything check out by a doctor.  

Neck and Back Injuries  

This could also happen overtime and will most likely be just a simple strain in the neck and the back. However it could worsen so you better get that checked out before any thing bad happens to you or your nervous system. This could happen right after an accident or it could happen afterward days or weeks after that event. You’ll have to take this seriously as it could become a disability or it might require a surgery to correct.  

As said throughout the article, when you feel a discomfort you should seek the help of health care professional so that it can be diagnosed by a doctor. Allowing you an alleviation of the pain and also allows the doctor to heal it as soon as they can.