Seeing the world in a new different perspective above is a magical sight, in the past getting an airborne means that photographers needed to hire an aircraft to shoot from the upper angle, but today, thanks to technology because drone is been created – with modest budget you can own one for aerial photography. The drone market boosted its sales and not without any problems in it. But for beginners like you it is important to know or attend drone training Pretoria to know more about its process and the proper ways to use it.

Drone Techniques

A drone enables you to capture the best, and fresh landscape from above – a photo that you may not have seen before. These cameras are not just for landscape photography. Drones currently exist in various types to suit different needs of its user.

As a first time drone pilot what you have in mind is inevitable you tend to panic because your drone might crash and hey it is an expensive toy you have. Remember that drone technology has progressed in a rate that while still always a possibility, crash landings should not cause too much anxiety.

Here are complied techniques for you.

1. Read the Drone’s manual

Every brand new drone comes with a use manual and safety guides. It is recommended that you have to read the manual and watch tutorial videos as well before you start flying your drone. You have to familiarize yourself with the controls of drone.

2. Practice with the flight simulator

You have to learn the basic flying controls and intelligent flight models. You have to get yourself involves with the controlled inputs and learn how to keep yourself oriented at the controls.

3. Avoid obstacles

You have to be aware that the flight speed and lighting control may affect the obstacle avoidance system of your drone. Do not rely too much on the obstacle avoidance. You have to be keen about the thin ropes, telephone lines, and many more that may cause you any trouble.

4. Avoid the animals

The ultra sound from drones can cause unease among animals. You also have to keep your drone away from birds to prevent the bird strikes.

5. Do not train around people

Flying your drone on a busy area can draw a lot of attention and it can be distracting to other people – so the best thing to do is avoid flying near the crowds to reduce the risk of accidents and find an open space for you to fly your drone safely.

6. You have to pay attention to the battery status

Have the decency to check the battery status of your drone during flight and leave enough battery for your drone to return safely. Remember that flying against the wind uses batteries on a larger scale than flying downwind.

It is your first time to fly your drone, so your goal is not to be so aggressive about flying it – you have to push the control stick gently and avoid sharp movements, and do not dare fly in reverse!

You also have to remember that there are places where flying a drone is prohibited, specifically at airports.